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Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all.

We’re often designing for hand held devices as well as laptops and PCs, so it’s key to ensure everything can have the flexibility to be accessible cross-platform. With time often at a premium, it’s often the only way people can view communications quickly and effectively.

Colliers International

A new retail property team at Colliers wanted to make its mark with their own digital magazine. We were involved from the off, coming up with a name for the ‘publication’ and then creating a design that was able to inform with impact, using rich media screen to make its own statement.

Royal College of Nursing

This 80 page interactive PDF, used a series of original icons to highlight the navigation and was designed to outline all of the options for student funding, support and finance throughout the UK. For such an extensive screen-based document, it had to be created with ease-of-use top of the agenda.

Precision Apps

Our first foray into the world of apps design saw us work closely with developers in order to create a series of educational apps for use on iPhone and iPad platforms. We also went on to develop a full wireframe design and create an iPad-only app for specific IELTS tests.

Client: Everyman Barbers

Everyman Barbers

Everyman Barbers grew so quickly that less than a year after its website launch, we developed the design to reflect the changes in the brand and its service offer. In 2019, and with eight stores to date, we're fully expecting to evolve the brand's web presence on a regular basis.

Client: Mendip Court

Mendip Court

Our old landlord asked us to create a new website for their building and business, comprising office and studio units, located at Mendip Court, just outside of Wells in grounds of its own. We carried out drone and general location photography to provide some content for the site, wrote text, and then designed and managed the build process through to site launch.


Emailers are a quick, easy and direct way of communicating news about an event, product or service, to clients and customers. They also have their own design challenges in order to make them as effective as possible and garner the required response.

Client: Nite Nite Hotel Group

Nite Nite Hotel Group

We do plenty of interactive pdf brochures, but this one, for a 'capsule' hotel in Birmingham, included a video tour of the hotel and 360º views of typical rooms that linked straight to a booking facility.

Client: IIT Carpentry

IIT Carpentry

This contract carpentry company was so busy with working on projects for developers and local authorities, that they'd had no time to think about a website which could profile them and outline their services. We started by redesigning their brand and then created an online presence for them with a website that spoke clearly and concisely to potential customers.